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Blush & Blossom

Our world


Once upon a time

there was the story of love for design, interior decoration, and more particularly floral art. Blush & Blossom was founded by Sarah Lev-Ran, a young mother and 2.0 entrepreneur based in Belgium, of Togolese and Israeli origin. Passionate since always about the beauty of flowers, she loves to amaze and surprise by simply being where you don’t expect her! The choice was made, succeed in taking you further than what you could have imagined. She created a unique concept that combines consumption luxury goods and soap with an elegant design.

But there is much more...

After two years of research and development, Blush & Blossom was born. She succeeded in combining the perfect duo: floral arrangements and the originality of the product arousing intense emotion among her customers.

A committed woman, who decides to lead the battles to which she feels close to such as women, children, and the elderly living in Africa. She created a fund named after her grandmother «Désirée». In 2021 Mrs. Lev-Ran is dedicating a collection in honour of her grandmother where she will donate a percentage of the profit to her association «La Maison d’Odette».

«La Maison d’Odette»

« The utopia of a retirement facility, as in my dreams, must be worthy of the name. It must bring this carefree feeling of tranquillity, a well-deserved rest. »

La Maison d'Odette

We decided to create this house of life, a haven of peace where love and serenity reign, offering a much-deserved rest for the elderly. Having lived a long life of hard work and endurance to live, survive, and support their families. A place where people meet, talk to each other, or simply share their stories.
This house where positive energies and discovery are the keywords of what we want to bring them in their daily lives by offering activities in the form of workshops such as sewing workshop, make up workshop, hairdressing workshop and much more...

Medical examination will be offered to all its occupants to ensure their good health. It will also offer care to those who have never been able to access it. The week will end with Sunday worship and sharing of the sacred meal. This project, which is so dear to us, will allow us to take care of the elderly by offering them a chapter in life without loneliness.
It will also create jobs and give the possibility of ensuring a stable but above all local economy using local employees but also local materials and furniture.
Offering our ancestors the opportunity of life accompanied by love and learning. This is possible and this possibility is called La Maison d’Odette. You too can help us make this dream come true and contribute to the well-being of the elderly living in Africa, don’t hesitate to donate.

Our Team

Squad without fear, without limits

  • Sarah

    Founder | CEO

  • Aitana

    Office Manager


  • Catherine Taminiaux
    Catherine Taminiaux

    Business management | Marketing


Our humanitarian projects

La Maison d'Odette

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Désirée Fund

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